Though Hankins & Associates, Inc. has been designing and creating beautiful kitchens since 1992, The Shop Kitchen and Bath (an extension of Hankins & Associates) was officially launched in October of 2015. Though The Shop is small, our capabilities are quite large in comparison. We feature some tools and equipment you'll likely not find in cabinet shops of this scale (or maybe even larger) to include CNC technology and the capability to replicate and run custom mouldings. With the exception of producing stainless doors or exotic high-gloss doors “in-house”, The Shop is up to the challenge for most anything—just ask us. While we are residentially driven, focusing on cabinetry and related millwork, if you have a commercial need, please ask ... we'd love to hear about what you're working on.

This collection of videos is a work in progress—it'll get better. As it develops, my hope is that visitors will get a better sense of What we do ... How we do it ... What we offer ... and finally What we deliver.

Please check back for updates!

The Design Process

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Other Capabilities

In this video a template is being made on the CNC that exactly matches the arc on the newly made and installed island. By uploading the original CAD island countertop drawing, we’re assured that the Cambria stone counter, with its cantilevered overhang, will match with perfection.

Ripping 3/4" Plywood for Base Cabinet Sides

In this video, 4’ x 8’ Sheets of our Domestic formaldehyde-free plywood are being prepped for the CNC. Using a simple table saw, a sharp blade and a 4-roller “feeder”, we’re able to achieve very nice crisp plywood edges. After ripping the plywood into 24” deep panels, they’ll be cross-cut into 34-1/2” high base cabinet side panels

After panel cutting, the plywood panels will be sent to the CNC, then edgebanded.

The Biesse CNC Machine

What’s a “CNC”? CNC means Computer Numerical Control. This means a computer converts the design produced by Computer Aided Design software (CAD), into numbers. The numbers can be considered to be the coordinates of a graph and they control the movement of the cutter.

THE SHOP utilizes a Biesse Rover 23 CNC. This machine can produce cabinet components with greater ease and accuracy than smaller manual processes. In addition to making cabinet case parts, the Biesse help us produce specialty trim components such as hutch foot brackets, custom corbels and radius aprons—to name a few.

Since most small and mid-scaled cabinet shops may not have a CNC, we’re happy to discuss outsourcing opportunities with contractors and shop owners who have projects where they’d like to explore saving both time and resources on repetitive functions. Please contact Jerry at (267) 614-2936.

Edgebanding Process

The edgebanding process allows us to efficiently adhere either a wood or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) edge band material to cabinet parts made of either plywood or some other composite. Virtually all of the cabinetry made here at THE SHOP is made using formaldehyde-free plywood produced in North America (typically the USA).

The Spindle Shaper (1 of 6)

The spindle shaper allows us to shape wood with selected profiles. This can be done to make trim moulding such as crown, baseboard, lightrail, beaded board, face frame and door framing material as shown in this video. Here we see the profiling of stile and rail material. We can also replicate cutter knives for special one-of-a-kind profiles. Having four feeder-fed spindle shapers allows us to keep them set up for cutters used frequently.

What's holding your cabinets together?

This video isn’t an exaggeration of how some cheap cabinets are constructed—this is reality. I removed this cabinet, carried it to the garage and from about 12" off the floor, simply dropped it. You can see what happened next. How this cabinet remained intact, on the homeowners’ wall, filled with stuff is beyond me. Are your cabinets ready to fall apart? We can help ... call us today at (215) 794-5930

How do some manufacturers make their drawers?

When we remove kitchen cabinetry, making way for our new cabinetry, the old cabinets are typically destined for the dumpster. To save space, we’ll knock them down; believe it or not, it takes little effort to make them flat again. This kitchen wasn’t that old, probably less than 5-years old and made in China, shipped to and assembled here in the US. Have us make your new cabinets, they'll be made right.

Why Contact THE SHOP

Why contact The Shop Kitchen and Bath? First and foremost, we'll work with you to achieve the perfect "something" that you desire, that you'll love. Be it a kitchen, bath, fireplace built-in, bar or mud room (just to name a few) ... we'll take the time to guide you.

The word Custom to some can be 'off-putting'. For some it means expensive and out of reach. We understand this and while we can’t change your perceptions about the word, we'll do our best to show you what the word means to us.

We believe that custom should be getting what you want. We think that custom should be exploring all the design options and developing a solution. Whether it’s a specially made trim or turning, we’ll do it. Our focus is design, developing solutions and satisfying your desires. Maybe it’s a really large pot & pan drawer that someone else said, "No, we can't do it." Maybe it’s a matching or special sized table that you just can't find. Perhaps it's a really unique door style or finish that you've seen in a magazine, but nowhere else—Just ask us!

When we say custom, we mean custom. But here's the catch, we’ll not break the Bank. Want to learn more? Call us today at (215) 794-5930.

Ditchin' My Kitchen®

“Ditchin’ My Kitchen” is a kitchen remodeling program and 2008 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Nominated program (#33. Informational/Instructional Program Feature or Segment) produced by Jim Davey, Multi Media Productions, Inc. and first aired on the Comcast Network (CN8). The program followed homeowners from design through to completion of an extensive kitchen remodel, hosted by kitchen designer Jerry Hankins of Hankins & Associates, Inc. Watch brief video clip.